New single from AnySound: “HEY!”


Here’s the somewhat controversial “selfie” from Grimus, that for various reasons has been lost in the shuffle and ruffled a few feathers, being part of a movie soundtrack that isn’t exactly the kind of movie “our” people would approve of and not being on message. I really like the parts of the production that I was allowed to have my way with, which again proves you can make a nice sounding record in a toilet


Newness from the Dracülaz.
Written & Produced by Adam Whittaker.
Artwork by Ana Pavel.

Source: SoundCloud / SpaceRay Music

D.O.G Delusions of Grandeur debut single Obama.

The awesome album “Lovable Swingin’ Dirt” is out today, check it out!


Crowd Control -  Failure.

Produced by Crowd Control & Marius Costache

Mixed by Adam Whittaker @ The Boom Boom Room


Play Me - the debut single from AnySound

They won a school band contest last year, you know.


Grimus - The Hell I’m In

brand new cool vid directed by Sebi Cimpean

New album “Emergence” out March 13.

produced ‘n mixed by me. 



Drive It Like You Stole It, by The Draculaz.

Get a free track from The Draculaz. Schwing.


Recently unearthed fonky rarity from Randy Apostle’s Apocalyptic Visions.

Source: SoundCloud / kingdomofroger